Passion. Dedication. Charity.


By granting monetary funding to partnered research facilities across the U.S., Henry’s Foundation is single handedly making a difference in the research field of our 2019 mission: Leukemia.
Funding is the number one cause for research yield and delay.


Partnering with primary, middle, high, and university schools is a top priority for Henry’s Foundation. With knowledge that the youth is our tomorrow, education of different cancers will leave a lasting impression and create an initiative to prevent, research, and find cures for diseases amongst students - birthing a charitable lifestyle. Henry’s Foundation adds to the existing health education curriculum by providing knowledgable, trained individuals to partnered schools to facilitate presentations and class instruction, while also providing a platform for students to fundraise for from year to year on and off campus.

Patient rehabilitation / development:

Granting monetary funding to similar organizations and patients/survivors of our years fundraising cause, Henry's Foundation will develop facilities for care, and assist in financial rehabilitation efforts through personal grants. This will help those who are low income/at risk live during their treatment and post treatment life.