for a better tommorow

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For A Better Tomorrow.

Actively pursuing for a better tomorrow.

Enacting research, education, patient rehabilitation and understanding of new cancers to partnered research, medical, hospital facilities, schools/universities, and patients across the country.

2018 Mission: Breast Cancer. All of our missions listed above will prioritize our mission of breast cancer. Monetary aid to research facilities, medical facilities, hospital facilities, and education to students at partnered schools, are just the beginning of our goal to save and change lives. 

Henry's Foundation is a 501(c)3 classified not-for-profit organization making all donations tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  

Changing our mission from year to year will allow for Henry's Foundation to assist and save lives of numerous cancers through our years of operation. Each year, with continued growth, Henry's Foundation will make a greater impact on our mission. 


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Cause for Awareness

Welfare of hospital patients 

Though the United States is known for great medical care, and treatment, there is so much more that can be done to improve stability and patient life. Donations towards basic sanitization products, new generation technology and equipment, and general funds for purpose of benefiting the facility are just some of the things that can help improve both patient, and staff life.

Child Welfare 

Child welfare is imperative. As mentioned before, the youth is our tomorrow. We want to ensure that every child gets the opportunity to become successful at any thing he/she puts their mind to; that can not be possible with unacceptable welfare and treatment.

All forms of cancer 

There are more than one-hundred types of cancer in the world; all of which can become deadly. Henry's Foundation does not focus on just one type of cancer, we focus on the research of every cancer, to benefit every life.

Education of medical DISEASES to the youth

The youth is our tomorrow. Our mission to educate the youth of disease, from the common cold, to cancer, and beyond will leave a lasting impression and create an initiative to prevent, research, and find cures for diseases.


So much more

The before mentioned platforms for awareness are just some of what Henry's Foundation plans to assist with. It is Henry's Foundation's goal to not just support one platform, not just one specific cause, but all of them. 


We cant help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
— Dr. Loretta Scott