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Breast Cancer




In the year 2018 an estimated 330,095 new diagnoses of breast cancer will be reported. 266,121 of those cases are predicted to be invasive. All 330,095 cases are threatening both mentally and physically. 


Cost of cancer

According to the research article Comparison of Treatment Costs for Breast Cancer, by Tumor Stage and Type of Service by Helen Blumen, MD, MBA, Kathryn Fitch, RN, MEd, and Vincent Polkus, MSEM, MBA, the cost of breast cancer treatment to the average patient can be upwards of $90,000. Numerous patients opt out of some treatments in an effort to save money, however, placing them into greater risk.  

Research Article


Research Funding

Funding to research facilities across the United States is a top priority. Funding is the leading cause of research yield and delay. A majority of research funding is via government grants that pay for the general expenses; all other funding must come privately for success to be possible.  



  • Breast caner is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States amongst woman.
  • The leading risk factor of contracting breast cancer is simply being a woman as the disease is 100 times more common in female breast.
  • Any woman in the world has a 1 out of 8 chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. 
  • Ordering a mammogram can reduce the number of breast cancer related deaths by 30 or 40%. 
  • In the United States alone there are more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors - the largest group of all cancer survivors. 
  • An estimated $6 billion is fundraised in the name of breast cancer each year. This amount covers about half of all research facilities operating at full capacity.