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Passion. Dedication. Charity.


By granting monetary funding to numerous partnered research facilities across the United States, Henry’s Foundation is single handedly making a difference in the research field of our 2017 cause: Breast Cancer. Funding is the number one cause for research yield and delay.


Partnering with primary/elementary, high, and university schools to the best of operational capacity is a top priority for Henry’s Foundation. Realizing that the youth is our tomorrow, education of disease, from the common cold to cancer and beyond will leave a lasting impression and create an initiative to prevent, research, and find cures for diseases amongst them - birthing a charitable lifestyle. Henry’s Foundation adds to the existing health education curriculum by providing knowledgable, trained individuals to partnered schools to facilitate presentations and class instruction while also providing a platform for students to fundraise for from year to year on and off campus.


Granting monetary funding to hospital facilities, medical facilities, similar organizations, etc. and patients/survivors of our years fundraising cause, Henry's Foundation will develop facilities for care, and assist in rehabilitation efforts through grants. 


Host an event to fundraise for Henry's Foundation

If your school or organization would like to fundraise for Henry's Foundation, use the 'contact us' button to reach a representative. 


Board of Directors 


President / Founder / CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 

Elijah Henry

Elijah Henry, from a young age has always had the urge to give, and incite acts of charity throughout his community. At age 14 the dream of creating an organization to benefit thousands from coast to coast of the United States appeared, and shortly after, Henry's Foundation was born. The original business proposal for Henry's Foundation was to provide funding to local hospital facilities in an effort to update technology, and provide basic funding for the purpose of keeping hospitals a safe and educational environment. After Elijah saw that there was an even greater opportunity to help those in need, a new proposal was created, which is what Henry's Foundation is now operating under the direction of. The proposal proposed an idea never before seen or done by nonprofits in the United States, or around the world. Elijah, during the creation of Henry's Foundation was very direct with the idea that he did not want to focus on just one cause which would only benefit a select group of people, which created the initiative to provide the charitable umbrella of fundraising for multiple research, and hospital facilities, while also educating local schools about the causes Henry's Foundation focuses on. Elijah serves as a charitable ambassador for his community, and a key liaison between charity executives across the country. 
Being a lifelong resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, Elijah has witnessed everything from Hurricane Katrina, and beyond. Through the tough times the the City of New Orleans has faced, Elijah has seen what an impact the community, and people across the country have when they work together to give, and assist others to rebuild for and even better resurrection. Mr. Henry has taken what he has learned through the years to start this national non-profit organization to assist with those from coast to coast, covering all aspects of charity. 

"I believe that anything is possible when people work together as a community towards a cause that is beneficial for present and future."
- Elijah Henry


Expected to graduate High School in 2020. Elijah plans to serve in the United States Marine Corps upon departure from high school,further his involvement of business and charitable works, and engage in political platforms.

Activities & Affiliations

  • Peer Student Leader
  • Student Council 
  • Charitable Ambassador 






Gregg Arena

Gregg Arena M.D. graduated from Louisiana State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and subsequently went on to Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He then did a residency in Anesthesia at Tulane Medical University and became a board certified Anesthesiologist. He has been involved in over 100,000 anesthetic procedures in his career and still practices part time. Dr. Arena serves on many medical boards and currently is Chief of Medical Staff at Northern Louisiana Medical Center. Experience and specialty includes supervision with an expertise in Bariatric surgery.  Dr. Arena also serves as the medical director of Southern Skin City, Medical Spa. With Dr. Arenas experience in the medical world, he brings to Henry's Foundation, knowledge of how people handle medical procedures, medical economics, and what aspects of research, medical, and education platforms Henry's Foundation should focus and act upon.



Louisiana State University
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Louisiana State University School of Medicine
M.D. - Board Certified Anesthsiologist 

Activities & Affiliations

  • Completed over 100,000 medical procedures
  • Chief of Medical Staff 
  • Co-Owner & Medical Director of Southern Skin City Medical Spa




Accountant of the directors 

Alisha Cannon

Alisha Cannon, is a Registered Nurse who obtained her Bachelor of Science in nursing from William Carey University (New Orleans Campus). Mrs. Cannon Continued her education at the University of Phoenix where she obtained her Masters in Health Care Administration. She is now pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing Practice. Mrs. Cannon completed her professional training from the Esthetic Skin Institute in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and now specializes in Skin Aesthetics.



William Carey University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of Phoenix
Masters of Health Care Administration

Esthetic Skin Institute
Specializes in Skin Aesthetics

Activities & Affiliations

  • 2017 Nominee as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare by the International Nurses Association (INA)
  • Platform to raise awareness of elderly abuse, and promote physical health, and fitness
  • 2016-17 Mrs. New Orleans 
  • Served within administrative positions in health care facilities for 15+ years

           Legal Advising

                 Barbee & Associates Inc.

Barbee & Associates, Inc. is Henry's Foundation's go to team of legal advising and council.